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Greek “National Telco Team” Agrees on FTTH

Yesterday, at the 5th annual conference of the Greek NRA (EETT), focused on NGA, we had the rare opportunity to see the chiefs of the Greek Telcos agreeing on open access FTTH. The consensus  was reached, following the optimistic statement from the Minister Mr. Dimitris Reppas and a significant clarification from the General Secretary of Communications, Prof. Sokratis Katsikas. Clarifying that in the recent tender for the selection of the FTTH consultant, the inclusion of FTTC was made simply for indicating the need to use existing FO investments in the FTTH vision of the state, the General Secretary went on and conveyed the message that high speed broadband is the only way forward.
Although skeptic comments were made among the conference participants, it seems that now the Greek “National Telco Team” is giving Greece a chance to participate in the “FO world cup” that will eventually allow the Greek society to move forward in the global arena. It is now up to the whole Greek state, as very well pointed by CYTA chief Mr. Michalis Achilleos, to clear the path & set the rules for the birth of next generation access networks in Greece.

The conference will continue today, an online feed is available from EETT.

Special Secretary of DP visits Korea for Greek FTTH Project

Dr. Andonis Markopoulos, the Special Secretary of Digital Planning (Ministry of Economic Development, Competitiveness and Shipping), has visited the 3rd GPP expo in Korea, presenting in a joint effort with the General Secretariat of Communications (Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks) the FTTH project of the Greek government.

The 3rd “Global Project Plaza (GPP)” was held on May 11 at COEX in Seoul. This event, co-sponsored by KOTRA and Overseas Construction Association, supports Korean firms to help them enter overseas plant projects. The Greek FTTH project was one amongst 37 projects presented by various nations in the event, totaling a budget of 40b USD.

Further details are available in the press release from the Special Secretariat.