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Executive Consulting for tech SMEs

Technology oriented SMEs live & die around one of the most important parameters of technology: Continuous Change!

Every entrepreneur who is running a technology-oriented SME has the unique challenge to start-up, grow, sustain, differentiate and transform good technical ideas into profitable business. At the same time, he has to manage people: People who will provide funding, people who will write software, people who will support the customers, people who will do marketing and people who will do the selling.

This is usually the tricky stuff. Apart from a self-motivated minority, in SMEs people tend to get “cozy” at the workplace. No human resource management really exists, personnel evaluations are scarce and usually sales are driven just by carrots! Don’t forget that since all of the good & talented guys are hired by the big corporations, the SME is usually left with the rest… and guess what! …if you are lucky enough to find a good guy, you promote her and load her with everything imaginable until she starts blowing air in paper bags!

Now, mix continuous technology changes with people who want to be cozy and stir with entrepreneurs with good ideas. This is pretty much a good picture of an SME that has survived the  first 3 critical years!

– So, is it so bad?

– Of course not, after all do you know one big company, like IBM™ or Microsoft™, that was not initially an SME? History tells us that when an opportunity comes in, then is the critical point where some professional help can leverage the SME and take it to the next level. This help can be an executive consultant.

– And what does he do? Magic?

– No, he will just use a set of experienced eyes, see the opportunity, understand the concept, analyse the operations, identify the problems, provide strategy and method on how to solve or bypass the issues.