ICT 4 Growth – Unofficial Announcement

Summarizing the key aspects of the “ICT 4 Growth” state funding program, based on preliminary information from the Special Secretariat for Digital Planning, indicates that there is a significant opportunity for International Enterprises to jointly invest with Greek enterprises and develop innovative products & services, using ICT as the enabler.

The “ICT 4 Growth” program aims to provide guaranteed state funds through the NSRF framework, to private enterprises or consortia of private enterprises that are planning to implement significant development plans (300k€ – 20m€) for developing innovative technology products and value added services in Greece, based on ICT. Development plans may be up to 24 months in duration; the state cash subsidy can be OPEX & CAPEX and may reach up to 80% of the expenditures budget, for specific situations.

The program is geared to help existing and startup Greek enterprises to create consortia with enterprises from abroad, the state aid will be provided only to the Greek enterprises that are investing in Greece. There is no domain restriction with respect to the product / services that will be developed, the following examples are provided as guidelines:

  • Energy and Green development (products & services for smart grids, energy resource management, renewable energy resource management, etc.),
  • Agriculture, Fisheries, Foods (traceability & food safety, automated management of agricultural installations, etc.),
  • Tourism, Culture and Entertainment (on-line gaming, destination management, virtual tours, etc.),
  • Health & Social Security (support for the elderly or long term patients, telemedicine, etc.),
  • Electronic Communications,
  • Transportation,
  • Internet (social web, semantic web, internet of things, etc.)

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