Startup in Greece – a forced hype?

The word startup has recently taken a mythical dimension in Greece, a new meaning that promises wealth, fame, fortune and everything that goes with it. Is it a sudden revelation that appeared from the industrial or academic community, lifting the curtain that kept entrepreneurs-to-be blind for so long?

One simple explanation, as it becomes evident from the google search trends, when one searches for the startup search trend, reveals the reality…

As one can see above, the worldwide trend for startup has been declining steady since 2004, reaching a steady level in 2011. At around 2008, when the financial crisis hits the states, the news reference volume for startup starts to increase in a typical hype-type growth. But what happens in Greece?

Suddenly the word startup becomes a trend with a step growth in 2011, just like that! Out of the blue! What happened? Which is the magic wand that “sparked” so many young entrepreneurs to start searching google for startups?

I will not tell you the answer, I would suggest that you get inspired by this post’s title and think of the websites that started to operate in Greece, a little before and a little after the end of 2010. Is n’t it obvious that even this “healthy” reaction is guided? Can something that is guided, pushed or forced be sustainable on the long run? What will happen when the push ends?

We only have to wait and see…