digital convergence – public consultation

On March 23rd the Ministry of Economic Development, Competitiveness and Shipping announced the public consultation regarding the current 2007-2013 Operational Program “Digital Convergence”. The consultation covers 3 basic aspects of the current, EU-approved operational program:

  1. Immediate activation of the Operational Program, following the program stagnation after the last elections
  2. Immediate implementation of critical operational ICT projects that will solve in the short-term some public governance problems and the fast restructuring of the “real economy”
  3. Bringing to use in the best way the existing government ICT infrastructure that has already been built and funded under the 3rd EU Support Framework, by corrective & improving measures

The public consultation will run till April 15th, responses are targeted to the following 4 units:

  • (A) General Information, regarding the overall appraisal and design of the program organization
  • (B) Framework of Proposal Calls, describing the targets & priorities of the program
  • (C) Common Strategy & Principles, that include a series of specific actions for the cost-effective and efficient use of ICT, targeting the most beneficial influence of the program to the state/citizen relationship
  • (D) General Proposals, giving the opportunity to interested parties to express proposals not already included in the program

You can see the public consultation text in English using Google Translation here.