special secretary of digital planning – next 2 months

Yesterday 4th of March 2010, in a press release by the Special Secretary of Digital Planning the following items were mentioned as part of the next 2 month activity:

  • The prioritization and promotion of horizontal decisions for the support of the Greek Stability & Development Program
  • The administrative conclusion of the Infosoc Programme
  • The transfer of eligible funding initiatives / projects from the Infosoc Programme to the Digital Convergence Programme
  • The 45m Euro funding of 2.500 business plans under the digi-lodge initiative
  • The conclusion of stakeholder proposals for the updated Digital Convergence Programme leading to the new initiatives
  • The evaluation of proposals submitted till March 2009 and the immediate execution of approved proposals after alignment
  • The Open Consultation regarding the new initiatives of the Digital Convergence Programme

See http://www.infosoc.gr/infosoc/el-gr/todaynews